The overlay buttons allow you to create a PTT button that remains active and visible over other applications being used. This means that now you no longer need to switch applications to make a call on BiPTT.

Using the overlay button:

1. For the function to be enabled, it is important that you are using Android version 4.91 (or higher). You can find the latest version on the PlayStore.

2. Open BiPTT, access any contact screen, click on the users or channel you want and click on the "Overlay button" icon:

3. You will need to give your permission to BiPTT for the chat buttons to be displayed over other applications. In this case, simply enable the "Allow overlapping with other applications" key.

4. Now that you have given the necessary permissions to the application, you can return to the contacts screen and create your overlay button by clicking on the "overlay button".

5. You can create as many buttons as you like. Each overlay button will have the initial letter of the name of the channel or contact you are talking to. The button will persist over other applications to facilitate and speed up your access to the PTT.

6. To remove the overlay buttons just hold and drag the button towards the X that will appear on the screen. Dragging the button onto that X and releasing it will close the button.

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